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The Ice Cream Chant

I will give you free Ice Cream if you vote for mePam posted a great parable about politics today and I wanted to pass it on.

A 3rd grade class held a mock election last year to learn about our political system.  The first candidate for class president stood up for his speech and laid out his detailed plan for improving the 3rd grade class.  The applause was strong as he sat down.

Then the second candidate stood up for her speech and simply said, “If you elect me, I wil give you all Ice Cream.”  Thunderous applause drowned out any discussion.

No matter how much the class tried to discuss the “how”, or the cost, or any logistics of where the Ice Cream would come from, it always boiled down to “She will give us free Ice Cream.”

Can anyone guess who won the Class Election?

Yep, little Miss Ice Cream.

Funny how half our country went Ga-Ga for free Ice Cream last year and now that it is time to pay up, it’s not that easy.  We really should take a closer look at what we are promised.

More to come.


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Eight year old Evelyn Towdy arrested for refusing to take off her cow shirtIn Backwards, Idaho, eight year old Evelyn Towry was arrested last week for refusing to take off her Cow “Hoodie” (Sweatshirt) for a class party.  Evelyn is a third grader and weighs 54 pounds.

Oh yes, and she has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism. Which her school recognizes.  And has a plan for helping Evelyn.  A plan that was agreed to at some point in the past by the school administration and a mental health professional.

Yes, the school understands and has acknowledged that Evelyn may have issues in school because of her Disability. Issues such as difficulties with change, needing routines, difficulty with non-verbal clues such as body language, and being overly sensitive to smells, sights and sounds.

Apparently, the plan for Evelyn spells out that if she encounters issues, she is to be physically restrained by 2 adult teachers (each handling 27 pounds of her), that they are to handle her roughly enough to leave purple bruises on her that can be later videotaped and photographed by her mother, that she is to be arrested, handcuffed and taken to the County Jail and then charged with battery on the two teachers.

Does anyone see something wrong with this picture?

Luckily, Evelyn was released to her mother and the school has dropped the battery charge.

Unfortunately for Idaho students and parents, the school officials have yet to acknowledge that they were wrong in assaulting Evelyn and leaving bruises.  Bonner County police claim that they were just doing their job and stand ready to arrest other mentally disabled elementary school students who act out of line.

Evelyn’s parents are considering legal action and have stated that she will not return to school.

Duh!  Take her and her sister out before the Brown Shirts haul them off again.  And sue the pants off the teachers, principal, school board and police.  Until these neaderthals understand that whipping children and slave labor aren’t allowed (and never were good ideas), the only thing they understand is hitting them in their pocketbooks.

Best of luck, Towry family, you have our support.

More to come.

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