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A Prop 8 Supporter Live Here

Today was a momentous occasion in California history.  Prop 8 was argued in front of the California Supreme Court.

Supporters on both sides agreed that Ken Starr presented a very logical and clear explanation of the legal reasoning behind the people’s right to amend our constitution.

Across the board, the consensus was also that the No on 8 side floundered and stumbled along the way and relied more on the “It’s not fair” argument which is popular with the SNL crowd, but fails to sway justices 99.999% of the time.

Meanwhile, the law in Calfornia currently reads as follows:


SEC. 7.5.  Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or
recognized in California.


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On March 5th, the California Supreme Court will hear arguments on Proposition 8. Only four months after seven million Californians voted to amend the California Constitution to read “Marriage is between a Man and a Woman”, 7 justices will decide if this will be our law.

Ken Starr (of Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial) leads the Prop 8 side and is expected to show all of the legal reasons why this was approved by California’s Attorney General, Jerry Brown, and placed on last November’s ballot.

Shannon Minter, a transsexual attorney for the National Center for Lesbian Rights will argue that “its not fair.”

However, no matter what happens and regardless of the outcome, there are immutable facts which will remain.

1 – Marriage was instituted by God. No matter your religion (or lack thereof), all roots trace marriage back to a religious institution. It always have and always will be a divine ordinance in God’s eyes.

2 – Nothing that is said in front of, or done by, the California Supreme Court, will change the facts of Marriage. Marriage will continue to be a Religious Principle that has been accepted and codified by the laws of man.

In light of these two tenets, people may protest the decision of the court, legislatures may enact additional laws and pass future referendums, and courts may continue to pass judgements as time marches on.

None of these will change the Divine Nature of Marriage.

This cannot be refuted any more than one can argue against the Laws of Physics. In the end, gravity wins.

Think about it. You have time.

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A fact that the Main Stream Media hid (and quite well) during the Prop 8 battle is the fact that up to 75% of Gay males in a “committed relationship” or a “marriage”  accept their partner having open sexual relations with another male.

It seems a little incredulous, so let me break it down so that we are all on the same page.

Robert and Gary are married.  Or deeply committed to each other.  They are “partners.”

It’s OK with Robert if Gary goes out and has sex with Fred.  And Gary thinks its OK if Robert has a sexual relationship with Martin.

You don’t believe me?  Ask David Benkof over at the Jerusalem Post. He wrote a column about it.  Here’s the highlights:

“…many male couples, including those in “marriages,” have arrangements with each other that allow for mutually agreed upon infidelity under certain circumstances…”

“…many gay couples are quite open about their mutually approved “adultery.”…”

“…Even gays and lesbians in monogamous relationships tend to see nothing wrong with consensual adultery, even when a couple has children. …”

The entire article is here.  Do you need more?  Perhaps David Nimmons is a big enough name for you.  You know, the founder of Manifest Love and a Gay Leader in New York.

In his book, The Soul Beneath the Skin, David cites numerous studies which document approximately 75%  of Gay Men in a “committed relationship” are not monogamous. They go out and have sex with other men.  And they both accept that.  Even when they have children in their “family.”

Remember Bob and Gary? And Fred?  And Martin?

That’s another reason why it’s Gay Marriage Gay Lifestyle is not OK.

I’d welcome your thoughts if they are on topic.  And if you want to say, “No, that’s not true,” then do some research first, perhaps contact David Nimmons (he’s Gay and will tell you the truth) or David Benkof (he got hate mail from Gays when he suggested that they try monogamy…and he is bi-sexual)

Stay tuned, much more to come.

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Rolling Stone has published an article placing the blame for Prop 8 passing squarely on the shoulders of the No on 8 groups. In a change from the past 30 days, Mormons, Catholics and Blacks are not blamed for upholding the definition of marriage as “one man and one woman” and instead the focus turns inward to the very people who want homosexual marriage legalized.

Instead, the point out the disorganization of the No campaign, the late start, the poor ads and most of all, the lack of a grass roots effort.

By contrast, the Yes on 8 side had 10 times as many volunteers and a wide coalition of religious faiths that united to reach voters where they are in their homes and places of worship.

What do we learn from all this? For starters, the Yes on 8 side is not going to change their views. They are rooted firmly in their religious beliefs.

48% of Californians voted against Prop 8, but with the post-election hatred that has spewed forth against churches, it would be a hard sell to not see that number shrink.

Finally, it is hard to imagine that those who voted No on Prop 8 know less now than they did on Election Day. If anything, it seems that the more people learn, the more they shy away from Gay Marriage.

Let’s see what happens next….

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