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The Ice Cream Chant

I will give you free Ice Cream if you vote for mePam posted a great parable about politics today and I wanted to pass it on.

A 3rd grade class held a mock election last year to learn about our political system.  The first candidate for class president stood up for his speech and laid out his detailed plan for improving the 3rd grade class.  The applause was strong as he sat down.

Then the second candidate stood up for her speech and simply said, “If you elect me, I wil give you all Ice Cream.”  Thunderous applause drowned out any discussion.

No matter how much the class tried to discuss the “how”, or the cost, or any logistics of where the Ice Cream would come from, it always boiled down to “She will give us free Ice Cream.”

Can anyone guess who won the Class Election?

Yep, little Miss Ice Cream.

Funny how half our country went Ga-Ga for free Ice Cream last year and now that it is time to pay up, it’s not that easy.  We really should take a closer look at what we are promised.

More to come.


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barack obamaIn a few days, we will have the nation’s first black president.  (Hold the Chris Rock jokes about Bill Clinton being our firsy black president, this is a serious post.)  No one is exactly sure where President-Elect Obama stands on Gay Marriage.  He supported Gay Marriage and then he didn’t.  He promises to sign the Freedom of Choice Act no later than 1 PM on Tuesday  (he did say that this would be his first act), and yet he has invited Pastor Rick Warren to give the invocation at the inauguration.

Yes, Rick Warren, the family and traditional values outspoken minister.  The one who condemns gay marriage.

Then, to top it off, Pastor Warren has been invited to give the keynote speech at Ebeneezer Baptist Church in Atlanta on Martin Luther King Day.   This is extremely confusing to the way-left liberal activists.  You know the group.  Uber-left.  Marx quoting left.

What to do, what to do.  Wasn’t the election of President Obama the signal that America had shed our conservative, old-school trappings warrenand had now embraced the new, progressive world.  Yeah.  Hmmm.  What happened?

News flash.  Again.  America is conservative.

Another news flash.  Conservative means family and morals and standards. In every race, religion, creed and ethnicity.

Don’t bother writing me to complain, I’m busy getting ready for our historic, yet conservative, day.

More to come.

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