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There are sadder stories in Africa than that of Nigeria, however, the AIDS / HIV epidemic that has reared its ugly head is truly worth our time.

Fact – 10% of all people with AIDS in the world are Nigerian

Fact – Nigerian has the 3rd most AIDS-infections in the world

Fact – Nigeria has 140 million people, it is the 8th most populous country in the world

It’s not hard to understand that they need help and we should help them.  Nigeria is aggresively trying to stop its AIDS epidemic.  Education, training, medicine…these have all been pouring into this African country in an effort to halt the spread of AIDS.

Separate topic, but follow me here – Nigeria (and also Kenya) have banned homosexual marriage.  We can all speculate on the reasons why, however, since none of us are NigerianAssemblymen let’s leave the topic alone as it will not serve to help Nigeria stop the spread of AIDS  (if you are and are a prince needing to get rid of several million dollars, please contact me ASAP).

Instead, let’s turn to the latest tactic of  the European Union’s Gay Army.  (I bet you didn’t know that they had a Gay Army.  Well, they don’t officially, but their methods are militant in that their goal is to kill people….keep reading to find out why).

The EUGA (Gay Army) has demanded that ALL Foreign Aid to Nigeria be suspended until their ban on Gay Marriage is lifted.

In plain English, the Gay Army is stating that they want more Nigerians to become infected with AIDS / HIV if they do not lift their ban on Gay Marriage.

Here’s a fact I left out earlier.  50% of Nigeria is Muslim and 40% Christian. You now have two choices to make as you judge the Nigerians.

A – They banned Gay Marriage to stop the spread of AIDS through promiscuous Gay Male Sex (still the fastest way to spread AIDS)

B – They banned Gay Marriage for religious reasons.

The Gay Activists have already judged the Nigerians and determined that they should literally die for this.  Painfully. Over the following decades as AIDS continues to spread through their people.

Shame on the EU and shame on Gay Activists everywhere who do not stand up to this.


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