Eight year old Evelyn Towdy arrested for refusing to take off her cow shirtIn Backwards, Idaho, eight year old Evelyn Towry was arrested last week for refusing to take off her Cow “Hoodie” (Sweatshirt) for a class party.  Evelyn is a third grader and weighs 54 pounds.

Oh yes, and she has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism. Which her school recognizes.  And has a plan for helping Evelyn.  A plan that was agreed to at some point in the past by the school administration and a mental health professional.

Yes, the school understands and has acknowledged that Evelyn may have issues in school because of her Disability. Issues such as difficulties with change, needing routines, difficulty with non-verbal clues such as body language, and being overly sensitive to smells, sights and sounds.

Apparently, the plan for Evelyn spells out that if she encounters issues, she is to be physically restrained by 2 adult teachers (each handling 27 pounds of her), that they are to handle her roughly enough to leave purple bruises on her that can be later videotaped and photographed by her mother, that she is to be arrested, handcuffed and taken to the County Jail and then charged with battery on the two teachers.

Does anyone see something wrong with this picture?

Luckily, Evelyn was released to her mother and the school has dropped the battery charge.

Unfortunately for Idaho students and parents, the school officials have yet to acknowledge that they were wrong in assaulting Evelyn and leaving bruises.  Bonner County police claim that they were just doing their job and stand ready to arrest other mentally disabled elementary school students who act out of line.

Evelyn’s parents are considering legal action and have stated that she will not return to school.

Duh!  Take her and her sister out before the Brown Shirts haul them off again.  And sue the pants off the teachers, principal, school board and police.  Until these neaderthals understand that whipping children and slave labor aren’t allowed (and never were good ideas), the only thing they understand is hitting them in their pocketbooks.

Best of luck, Towry family, you have our support.

More to come.


barack obamaIn a few days, we will have the nation’s first black president.  (Hold the Chris Rock jokes about Bill Clinton being our firsy black president, this is a serious post.)  No one is exactly sure where President-Elect Obama stands on Gay Marriage.  He supported Gay Marriage and then he didn’t.  He promises to sign the Freedom of Choice Act no later than 1 PM on Tuesday  (he did say that this would be his first act), and yet he has invited Pastor Rick Warren to give the invocation at the inauguration.

Yes, Rick Warren, the family and traditional values outspoken minister.  The one who condemns gay marriage.

Then, to top it off, Pastor Warren has been invited to give the keynote speech at Ebeneezer Baptist Church in Atlanta on Martin Luther King Day.   This is extremely confusing to the way-left liberal activists.  You know the group.  Uber-left.  Marx quoting left.

What to do, what to do.  Wasn’t the election of President Obama the signal that America had shed our conservative, old-school trappings warrenand had now embraced the new, progressive world.  Yeah.  Hmmm.  What happened?

News flash.  Again.  America is conservative.

Another news flash.  Conservative means family and morals and standards. In every race, religion, creed and ethnicity.

Don’t bother writing me to complain, I’m busy getting ready for our historic, yet conservative, day.

More to come.

Pappy O' Patrick Protects Gay Funding One of my favorite movies (I have over 100 of them, so let’s not ask for an exact order) is Oh Brother, Where Art Thou.  And Art parallels Life, or is it the other way around…..

Regardless of which side of the merry-go-round that discussion ends up, when Massachusetts Governor Deval “pass the biscuits” Patrick started firing 1,000 state workers and slashing educational funding, I expected to hear that all sectors would feel the pain.

Not so, my logically headed friends.  Even though the rest of the country is crying out “Hey, we have a recession on”, Gov’ner Pappy O’Patrick has stated that funding for Pro-Gay Education is sacred and cannot be touched.

Right.  Because teaching 10 year olds about how 2 men can have sex is more important than:

– Head Start pre-school programs ($1 million)
– Infant immunization facilities ($5 million)
– Job training programs ($9 million)
– Senior home care services ($3.9 million)
– Aid for thousands of children in homeless families ($250,000)

Read more here.

More to ceom

Who is John Galt posted an excellent, thought provoking and all too Quentin Taratino-esque article over at Good Sense this week.  Those who offend easily probably aren’t reading my blog at all, so I won’t have to warn you.

For the rest of the world, enjoy.

More to come.

Rome is burningMany of us are students of history.  Unfortunately, all too few of us are.  Which means that we are stumbling headlong into an inevitable crash with the train wrecks of civilizations that have passed before us.  Whether it be the Ponzi schemes of our illustrious Financial Kingpins like Bernie Maddoff or the Reverse Sexual Harassment which San Diego Fire Chief Tracy Jarman forced upon 4 male firefighters, all the signs are here. Right in front of our noses.

Wake up, America.  It’s time to start holding ourselves accountable for our deteriorating society.  You, yes, you, reading this blog.  Stand up.  No, not at your computer table.  I mean online.  Educate yourself and then stand up for what you believe.  Fiscal conservatism.  Moral responsibility.  Yes, you get it.

Read and learn all you can.  And armed with that knowledge, stand up for what you believe in.  Comment on blogs and on newspaper articles.  Start your own blog and share your thoughts.  The main stream media is dead now, we are the new purveyors of information.  Write and call your local elected officials.  get involved.

Why?  What if we don’t?  Then, read a good history book.  And get ready for the long night ahead.  It will be a cold one.

More to come.

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!

Anyone with kids, or who was a kid since 1960 has probably heard of the Berenstain Bears.  This family of charming bears (Papa Bear makes chairs in his wood shop, Mama Bear cooks and cleans and Brother and Sister Bear haven’t aged in 45 years, like Bart Simpson) live in Bear Country and in each book deals with a pressing issue for the family.

Friends.  Talking to Strangers, Fear of the Dark.  It’s like Happy Days and the Waltons all wrapped up in a Disney-like setting (comfortable, safe, geared to kids).

One of my favorites is called “The Berenstain Bears Get The Gimmes.”  In this book, Brother and Sister Bear (each in Elementary School at best) are consumed with having everything that they see.  Toys. Games.  Candy.  You name it.

It sounds a lot like American consumers today.  New Car.  Bigger House.  Exotic Vacations.  Electronics and “toys” for adults.  Unlimited “stuff” for kids.  Does this ring a bell?

This is how we got into this financial mess today. So, how do we get out?  In the Berenstain Bear book, Papa and Mama Bear have to put their foot down and stop the spending.

Can we, the people, do this?  Because Papa and Mama Government don’t seem likely to do so.

My thanks to Jared for his blog post on the Economics of Sim City which inspired this rambling.

More to come.

I know what all of you are thinking right now.  Across the blogosphere, there is a collective “ummmmmmm……” as people try to figure out if the last sighting of this blog, some two weeks ago, was an indication that a morally conservative writer had been replaced by a financial erudite who will now bless us all with his economic wisdom.

Fear not, my friends and neighbors (for we are all neighbors in this Al Gore inspired online community – the Internet, not WordPress, ok, I’ll stop).  No, I refer to the impending and rapidly hastening demise that we, the people, face as the United States rockets towards a Rome-like fall.

Our great country (excuse my arrogance, while I crow that there is none greater. OK, I am done) has lasted over two hundred years.  We are, without doubt, among the most prosperous (exhibit A – our steady influx of immigrants) and among the most tolerant (I won’t even debate that with those who have not lived in other countries and witnessed the government crackdowns on those that we allow to parade around here).

And yet, we are on the verge of a collapse.  No, not financial (for we will surely recover in due time from our own excesses), but rather moral, and then, of course, societal.

Euripides writes a rather stunning article over at Self Evident Truths about this moral decay and I highly encourage a thorough reading of his views.  Gay Marriage, Single Parenting as a Lifestyle Choice (a la “I just want a baby but not marriage”), The Introduction of Pornography to Children and No Fault Divorce are all covered here.

Read, comment, make a choice.  Now is a good time to start digging in, because when the Visigoths are not too tolerant when it comes to ransacking and pillaging.

More to come.  Hope we’re all still here.