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We have now reached the point in the Gay Marriage debate at which the Nov 4 election is almost a month behind us and much of the fire appears to be running out of fuel, even if only temporarily. As a nation, we have just enjoyed a wonderful (almost accident free) Holiday weekend. We are sombered by the siege in India, which reminds us that terrorism is, and most likely, will continue to be at our front door, both overseas and here in the U.S.

Nonetheless, now that we are turning to holiday shopping, many of the hate crimes are (hopefully) dwindling and we can hear the calmer heads of reason as they speak out.

This post at The Volokh Conspiracy is a well written and thought out piece calling for an end to al-Gayda’s gestapo like tactics to intimidate, discrimate and terrorize the Mormon church into accepting Gay Marriage.

Here is an excerpt from Dale Carpenter’s post.

I am uncomfortable with pickets directed at specific places of worship like the Mormon church in Los Angeles. It’s too easy for such protests to degenerate into the kinds of ugly religious intolerance this country has long endured. Mormons, in particular, have historically suffered rank prejudice and even violence. Epithets and taunts directed at individuals are especially abhorrent. Individual Mormons (and blacks and others) bravely and publicly opposed Prop 8. Even those who supported Prop 8 are not all anti-gay bigots, though I saw plenty of anti-gay bigotry when I was in California last week. As I’ve repeatedly argued, there are genuine concerns about making a change like this to an important social institution.

I started to read through the several hundred comments and surprisingly, they were (at least the first few) very calm and well stated. Here are some of the top comments (in order, not as rated by me):

In the end the opponents of P8 must decide what comes after the rally. Another election would have to occur and the California public would have to be persuaded to change their minds.

Civil disobedience is a far preferable strategy than litigation. Gay rights will be secure in this country when, and only when, the majority of the people are comfortable with that outcome. Courts cannot decree a change in public attitudes. Bull Connors’ firehoses did a lot more to advance the cause of black civil rights than any court.

My only real complaint is that I don’t think the Mormon church should be singled out. I know lots of gay groups are considering protesting black churches, and I think that’s a good thing.

Now we are finally starting to have civil discourses. I hope they continue.

More to come….

and various musings from this post…

– We are a God-fearing people on this planet. Holiday stems from Holy Day. Every religion has them.

– Were the Gay Marriage Activists behind the Wal-mart trampling? Do they hate Christians that much to try and blacken the eyes of the world’s biggest holiday? I hope not, and think not, but would not put anything past them at this point.


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Last week, the attorney general of the United States, Michael Mukasey, collapsed at the end of a speech he was giving to the Federalist Society in Washington, D.C.  Kathyryn Jean Lopez, of the national Review Online writes, that while he was ‘heckled and called a “tyrant” by one of the dinner guests (a Washington State supreme-court judge),’ at the same time, as soon as he collapsed, once several people rushed to his aid, people all around her bowed their heads and prayed for his health and safety.

thanksgiving prayerThe Sacramento Pravda shares a story today of the Cannon-Jackson Thanksgiving, four generations of an African-American family that gathers each year to partake of turkey (several of them), all the side dishes and ‘Robert Redford’ desert (you have to read what’s in it).

This year, there are 150 of them gathering – Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant – and they are all welcome.  Even the gay cousin.  The Cannons and Jacksons oppose gay marriage, but welcome each family member.

States one of the matriarchs, Dorothy Hill, “About five years ago, we were talking about homosexuality as it relates to our biblical training, and one gay cousin was very bold, adamant and vehement, and no one held it against her.  We have backsliders and sinners, but no atheists, not that they’d be left out. “The whole point is family.”

Enjoy the day with your family.

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Thank You Day

thanksgiving in america

It’s Thanksgiving time and I wish to give thanks for our great country. I may stand far from Obama and Hillary and Bill and all the rest of the liberal rabble that is slowing trying to poison our country, but they have a right to speak and to act.

I have the right to work against them and to educate, inform and share as I see fit.

May you have a very conservative Thanksgiving!


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What was Barrack’s theme? Oh yes…Change.  And so, he is going to bring in the new.  Out with the old and in with the new.  Yep.  Here it comes.  And its…

Eric Holder….from the Clinton years.

OK, the next one has to be a “change”.  It’s………Rahm Emanuel.  Yeah, change.  Like Boss Daley.

And next, we have, none other than Hillary Clinton!

What the heck kind of change did all these people vote for?  Clinton retreads capped by Hillary herself?  Well, this might be the funniest clip of the week, so check out Saturday Night Live’s Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton talking about this very subject.

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As people conversed today at my work, many a “Happy Thanksgiving” was given and returned.  A scant few people I know do not celebrate Thanksgiving in any way, and all of them are from other countries where it is not a Holiday.

That is OK (if I were them, I would gladly celebrate any holiday that gave me an opportunity to share time with family AND have a huge feast, but I understand and support their decisions).

So, I was thinking, why is it OK for us to say “Happy Thanksgiving” but in 30 days, not “Merry Christmas”?

It is Political Correctness, yes, I know that.  But why?  Christians founded this country and we celebrate that holiday (which comes from the words “holy day”).  Why did a war get declared on Christianity by the Thought Police.  Not OK in my book.

So, I decided a few years ago that I would say “Merry Christmas” and if someone told me they were Jewish, I would say “Happy Hanukkah” and if they are something else wish them that as well.

So, have a Happy Thanksgiving and next month, I will be wishing you a Merry Christmas.

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p8h81Let’s be perfectly clear here.  Do not mistake Al-Gayda (aka Liberal, Left Wing, Militant Homosexual Arm of the Gay and Lesbian Movement) with Al-Qaeda (Middle Eastern Terrorist Group Hunted by the US Military and Jack Bauer).  If the two groups ever met, the middle easterners would destroy the flame boys in about 60 seconds.

However, since the Department of Homeland Security has not yet decided whether to prosecute Al-Gayda for faux acts of terrorism, the face of Tolerance continues. 

Get used to it, folks, these creatures will not stop until they have reached their agenda.

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Let’s look up bigot in the dictionary.  Type “define: bigot” in to Google and you come up with this from Princeton University (whose English Department probably has a good grasp on the English language. 

bigot – (n) – a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his (or her) own.

There has been quite a bit of hatred and intolerance by the Liberal Left and al-Gayda (not to be confused with Al-Qaeda of the Middle East, who would probably destroy Al-Gayda should the two groups ever meet) since Prop 8 passed 52.1% to 47.9%.

6.5 million Californians voted for Marriage Between a Man and a Woman.

And Margaret Cho, the Korean psuedo-comic can’t stand it.  She showed up at the State Capital yesterday to bash Mormons for “stealing” it.

Let me sum it up for you.  Crude. Foul. Profane.  If it were about Jews or Blacks, she would have been arrested right there on the steps of our capital for a Hate Crime.

Gay’s aren’t exactly flocking to her in support either.  Check out Mike’s thoughts:

Margaret Cho does not speak for me and I don’t find this video creative or clever in the least. It is juvenile and hate filled.  Spewing hate against another group is just as bad as them trying to deny us our rights.  This video did not do the LGBT community any good at all. I found the simulated sex offensive. Our love is not a joke and it’s not a way to get back at people.

More to come,

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