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OK, so you are overwhelmed by Prop 8 and can’t stand another word from me or the 30 million websites and 370,000 blogs that come up when you Google “Prop 8.”

Watch this instead and you will laugh, ponder and (hopefully) vote Yes on Prop 8.

And thanks to Beetle Blogger for sharing.


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It’s really starting to rain now on Halloween night and all the trick or treaters are starting to dwindle.  Sadly, the tricks from Gavin Newsome, Jack O’Connell and the No on 8 crowd will continue through election day.

Between the ACLU and  their “stategery” for Gay Marriage expanding to every state and death threats on Yes on 8 Supporters, we seem to be teetering on the brink of a constitutional and legal collapse of our society as we know it. 

We’re not going to take that lying down, however, and we’ll keep working until the polls closed on Tuesday night.  So, keep your jack o’ lanterns lit, because Halloween isn’t over yet.

Vote Yes on Prop 8!

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It’s football season and to use an analogy, it’s not often that you get to look at your opponents’ playbook.  The Gay and Lesbian Marriage Coalition (which includes the ACLU, the National Center for Lesbian Rights
and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force) has posted their strategy for legally establishing Gay Marriage in every state.

In case it gets pulled,camarriage_joint_200806091

It’s happening. We can stop this. Vote Yes on 8.

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Rad Dad has a very well written post about California State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jack O’ Connell’s statement that schools will not have to teach Gay and Lesbian Marriage is Prop 8 fails.

The keystone of Rad Dad’s post is this:

The California Education Code (EC 51933) leaves it up to the individual school districts as to whether or not sexual health education is taught in its schools. However, if a school district chooses to do so they must comply with a specific set of requirements – one of which is to teach about marriage. The reason that 96% of California schools will be required to teach about same sex marriage is because, according a study on the California Department of Education web site, 96% of school districts do provide sexual health education. Therefore, by law these schools will be mandated to teach same sex marriage.

Read it all online and make your own decision as to what the agenda of Jack O’ Connell and the California Teachers’ Union really is.

My thanks to Busy With Conviction for bringing this to my attention.

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The latest polls show Prop 8 (Marriage Between a Man and a Woman) tied neck and neck between the Yes on 8 supporters and No on 8 crowd.

Many polls substantiate that most (meaning more than 50%) of Americans still define marriage as between a Man and a Woman. The San Francisco Chronicle (of all papers) issued this nugget:

Sixty-five percent of likely voters agreed that traditional marriage is “one of the cornerstones of the country’s Judeo-Christian heritage” and 50 percent agreed that Prop. 8 restores the institution of traditional marriage without taking domestic partnership rights from gay or lesbian couples.

Now is the time to make your voice heard. Talk to your friends and colleagues. Get your neighbors and go wave a sign on a street.

Stand up, Vote Yes on Prop 8!

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So, the Internet is a marvelous thing. What the Main Stream Media (MSM) tries to squash, we are able to share and find out. Here’s a lettertoparents that letter that was sent to the parents of
the elementary school children who were forced to participate in “Coming Out Day” a week ago in Hayward, California. It clearly explains how how state law (SB 71) mandates that Health Classes (also known as Sex Ed) must teach Gay and Lesbian Lifestyles.

If Prop 8 (Marriage between a Man and a Woman) fails on Nov 4, this means thatGay Marriage will have to be taught in schools as part of the curriculum.

As we can see from the Hayward experience, this is already happening.

And as the letter shows, you can not opt out of this.

Vote Yes on Prop 8 to restore Traditional Marriage.

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Can Your Gay and Lesbian Marriage Do This?

It’s late at night, you are tired from slugging it out online with countless minions of the dark side. You need a laugh. Enjoy this image from Champions of Marriage.

Vote Yes on 8. Do you really want to go up against the Great Pumpkin?

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