declaration of independenceOur country has been around a long time.  At least, in our minds it has.  The truth of the matter is that as civilizations go, we are a blip on the radar.

On the other hand, we have gone a long time as a “stable” country.  The last major upheaval could be considered the Civil War, now over 150 years ago.

That is quite some time to have passed without major change.

Major Change.  We’ll come back to that in a minute.

Our country was founded on freedom.  Freedom of religion.  Freedom of speech.  You know the drill.

Increasingly now, appointed judges and elected officials have passed laws that restrict our freedoms.

For example, today in Connecticut, the legislature attempted to pass a bill which would have dictated how the Catholic Church manages its finances.

How did the citizens of Connecticut respond?  By turning up at the Capital Building. 4,000 of them.

And the bill was withdrawn.

We see this type of action over and over.

Which brings us back to our starting point.

A remarkable amount of time has passed without Major Change.  Look at the history of our world. The modern history.  Look at countries that have changed their form of government in just our lifetimes.

Are we losing our freedoms bit by bit?  Oh yeah, you can say that again.  As we sit, fat, dumb and happy in front of the TV, we are giving up our rights.

Maybe it is time for Major Change.  If not, what type of government will we end up with?

More to come….


A Prop 8 Supporter Live Here

Today was a momentous occasion in California history.  Prop 8 was argued in front of the California Supreme Court.

Supporters on both sides agreed that Ken Starr presented a very logical and clear explanation of the legal reasoning behind the people’s right to amend our constitution.

Across the board, the consensus was also that the No on 8 side floundered and stumbled along the way and relied more on the “It’s not fair” argument which is popular with the SNL crowd, but fails to sway justices 99.999% of the time.

Meanwhile, the law in Calfornia currently reads as follows:


SEC. 7.5.  Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or
recognized in California.

On March 5th, the California Supreme Court will hear arguments on Proposition 8. Only four months after seven million Californians voted to amend the California Constitution to read “Marriage is between a Man and a Woman”, 7 justices will decide if this will be our law.

Ken Starr (of Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial) leads the Prop 8 side and is expected to show all of the legal reasons why this was approved by California’s Attorney General, Jerry Brown, and placed on last November’s ballot.

Shannon Minter, a transsexual attorney for the National Center for Lesbian Rights will argue that “its not fair.”

However, no matter what happens and regardless of the outcome, there are immutable facts which will remain.

1 – Marriage was instituted by God. No matter your religion (or lack thereof), all roots trace marriage back to a religious institution. It always have and always will be a divine ordinance in God’s eyes.

2 – Nothing that is said in front of, or done by, the California Supreme Court, will change the facts of Marriage. Marriage will continue to be a Religious Principle that has been accepted and codified by the laws of man.

In light of these two tenets, people may protest the decision of the court, legislatures may enact additional laws and pass future referendums, and courts may continue to pass judgements as time marches on.

None of these will change the Divine Nature of Marriage.

This cannot be refuted any more than one can argue against the Laws of Physics. In the end, gravity wins.

Think about it. You have time.

Do you remember when the al-Gayda movement called for a boycott of Utah after the stunning Prop 8 victory in California?  Yes, yes, late last year when Bob and Steve decided they weren’t going to go ski in Utah because all those Mormons gave all that money to support marriage between a man and a woman?  The Gay community was going to forgo the  “greatest snow on earth” to make a point.  Oh, and they were also going to shun the Sundance Festival.  Where the Jim Carrey movie “I Love You Phillip Morris” was premiered.  Which is a film about two guys in prison.  Who are Gay.  And love each other.

Well, it turns out that the Sundance festival did have a lower turnout, but so did the Superbowl….and just about every big event in America.  You see, there is something going on called a Recession. It’s a hard time to call for a boycott.  Because business everywhere is struggling.  And across the nation, people support traditional family values overwhelmingly.  America is conservative. So, people continue to shop with their values.  Which makes it hard to call a boycott if everyone still shows up.

So, is Utah suffering from this “backlash”?  Hardly, their unemployment is still low.  As in 4% low.  What we wouldn’t give for that here in California, with parts of our state at 12%.

So, what else has the Gay Terrorism Coalition tried to do lately?  Ah yes, they asked Bill Clinton to not make a speech at the San Diego Manchester Grand Hyatt, because the owner of the Hyatt gave a large sum of money to help Prop 8 pass last year.  So, what did our former President do?  Um…..he went ahead and gave the speech.

And now, the Gay leadership has called for a ban on Ken Garff automotive group, who’s founder’s mother (stay with me here) donated to Prop 8 last year.  They have dealerships in Utah, Texas, Iowa and Orange County.  How do you think this is going to play out?

Oh yeah….one more thing, the Ken Garff group donates large sums of money to Gay Pride parades in Utah and Human Rights Campaign (Gay and Lesbian) each year.  Which the boycott leaders found out.  And then announced that they might not be boycotting after all.

You know, the Gay leadership is not doing so well here with their boycotts.  Maybe they should actually do something that would make a difference.  Like  focusing on wiping out hunger in America.  They seem to have a lot of surplus cash. What could all that money do if they poured it into America’s food banks?

They claim to be all about love and family. Well, it’s time to step up to the plate.  Love knows no bounds.  So, whether you are a Gay Married Couple or just two Homosexual lovers who have not made the trip to one of the states or countries where you can get married, it is time for you to donate of your time and money to one of the local food banks. Put your money where your mouth is and help America now.

The Ice Cream Chant

I will give you free Ice Cream if you vote for mePam posted a great parable about politics today and I wanted to pass it on.

A 3rd grade class held a mock election last year to learn about our political system.  The first candidate for class president stood up for his speech and laid out his detailed plan for improving the 3rd grade class.  The applause was strong as he sat down.

Then the second candidate stood up for her speech and simply said, “If you elect me, I wil give you all Ice Cream.”  Thunderous applause drowned out any discussion.

No matter how much the class tried to discuss the “how”, or the cost, or any logistics of where the Ice Cream would come from, it always boiled down to “She will give us free Ice Cream.”

Can anyone guess who won the Class Election?

Yep, little Miss Ice Cream.

Funny how half our country went Ga-Ga for free Ice Cream last year and now that it is time to pay up, it’s not that easy.  We really should take a closer look at what we are promised.

More to come.

There are sadder stories in Africa than that of Nigeria, however, the AIDS / HIV epidemic that has reared its ugly head is truly worth our time.

Fact – 10% of all people with AIDS in the world are Nigerian

Fact – Nigerian has the 3rd most AIDS-infections in the world

Fact – Nigeria has 140 million people, it is the 8th most populous country in the world

It’s not hard to understand that they need help and we should help them.  Nigeria is aggresively trying to stop its AIDS epidemic.  Education, training, medicine…these have all been pouring into this African country in an effort to halt the spread of AIDS.

Separate topic, but follow me here – Nigeria (and also Kenya) have banned homosexual marriage.  We can all speculate on the reasons why, however, since none of us are NigerianAssemblymen let’s leave the topic alone as it will not serve to help Nigeria stop the spread of AIDS  (if you are and are a prince needing to get rid of several million dollars, please contact me ASAP).

Instead, let’s turn to the latest tactic of  the European Union’s Gay Army.  (I bet you didn’t know that they had a Gay Army.  Well, they don’t officially, but their methods are militant in that their goal is to kill people….keep reading to find out why).

The EUGA (Gay Army) has demanded that ALL Foreign Aid to Nigeria be suspended until their ban on Gay Marriage is lifted.

In plain English, the Gay Army is stating that they want more Nigerians to become infected with AIDS / HIV if they do not lift their ban on Gay Marriage.

Here’s a fact I left out earlier.  50% of Nigeria is Muslim and 40% Christian. You now have two choices to make as you judge the Nigerians.

A – They banned Gay Marriage to stop the spread of AIDS through promiscuous Gay Male Sex (still the fastest way to spread AIDS)

B – They banned Gay Marriage for religious reasons.

The Gay Activists have already judged the Nigerians and determined that they should literally die for this.  Painfully. Over the following decades as AIDS continues to spread through their people.

Shame on the EU and shame on Gay Activists everywhere who do not stand up to this.

History was made this week as our country inaugurated our first black President.  Regardless of how you voted (and I was not an Obama voter), now that the O’bama Drama has subsided a wee bit, we turn to serious issues which confront our nation – two wars (and ever the threat of more to come), a financial crisis unknown in many of our lifetimes and a host of problems for our new president to address.

One that is at the front of many of our minds is the impending battle over the Freedom of Choice Act.  Again, Catholic Vote has created a video that speaks much clearer than anything I could write.

Watch, send it to your familly and close friends and join forces to urge President Obama and our elected leaders to keep life sacred.

More to come.